Black Soap
150.00 ৳ 480.00 ৳ 150.0 BDT (69% OFF)
Benefits: Is safe for all types of skin
It will help you treat acne
It will help you removes makeup.
Extra Pure Gluta White Soap
400.00 ৳ 800.00 ৳ 400.0 BDT (50% OFF)
Extra Pure Gluta White soap is a intensive whitening soap which we recruited best ingredients from the best sources.
It helps to remove dead skin cells and reveal brighten and aura looking skin. Within 3 minutes of every time,
using the Glutathione and Fresh Collagen will helps to firm and whiten skin effectively.
Whitamin Vitamin C 100000 Body Lotion
1,600.00 ৳ 1,600.00 ৳ 1600.0 BDT
moisturize skin decrease the appearance of wrinkles
enhance skin firmness and elasticity
repair and regenerate skin
VIVI Gold 24K Whitening Soap
150.00 ৳ 150.00 ৳ 150.0 BDT
VIVI Skin Care Gold 24K Whitening Soap – 80gm
will reduce acne, removes dark spots, will soften the skin,
and nourishes the skin.
Vitamin E Q10 Soap Plus Whitening Soap
150.00 ৳ 150.00 ৳ 150.0 BDT
If you could, you might hire an army to defend your skin against all the assaults it has to deal
with day in and day out: pollution, stress, smoke and less-than-healthy foods, to name just a few.
Luckily, you can think of antioxidants like vitamin E as your skin’s own battalion.
Snail White Gold Collagen Soap
150.00 ৳ 150.00 ৳ 150.0 BDT
Evens out skin tone.
Brightens and whitens dark patches.
Reduces the look of wrinkles and lines.
Pro Vit-E Super Collagen Soap
150.00 ৳ 150.00 ৳ 150.0 BDT
Pro Vitamin E In TB whitening soap Boosts excellent skin problems like: -Acne -Freckle -Dark spot -Irritated skin
and protects skin from bad pollution. -TB whitening soap also contains collagen, glutathione,
and alpha arbutin for skin brightening. -Makes your skin naturally tighter.
NIACINAMIDE Vitamin B3 30000 Body Lotion
1,600.00 ৳ 1,600.00 ৳ 1600.0 BDT
1. Hydrates skin, 2. Helps heal wounds, 3. Smooths skin texture
4. Anti-aging, 5. Alleviates joint pain , 6. Reduces dermatitis
7. Combats gum disease, 8. Reduces acid reflux,9. Soothes dry skin
OHO Gulta White Collagen Soap
520.00 ৳ 520.00 ৳ 520.0 BDT
OHO Gluta white collagen soap exfoliates the skin and reveals a clearer skin.
Reduce skin wrinkles, stretch marks. Dark spots fade.
Regenerates dead skin cells for more radiant skin texture
Fadeout Advanced + Vitamin Enriched Whitening Night Cream
1,160.00 ৳ 1,160.00 ৳ 1160.0 BDT
Enriched with anti-oxidant benefits to enhance your natural radiance, Fade Out’s Vitamin Enriched formulation contains active natural ingredients and essential vitamins to nourish, replenish and boost skin health, whilst Fade Out’s effective brightening system and essential oils create an overnight repair system for intense hydration and to restore natural suppleness, achieving a bright, healthy, glowing complexion in just 28 days.

At times, skin can become dull, fragile, dehydrated, and thirsty for a vitamin boost.
Dr Rashel Gold Radiance & Anti-aging Soothing Gel
450.00 ৳ 450.00 ৳ 450.0 BDT

Hydrating nail essence for healthy nails.
Create a glowing look for makeup primer.
Soothing effect for simulated skin.
Silky smooth for hair treatment.
Cooling eyes & moisturizing lips.
After shave soothing Gel for Men.
Replenish moisture for body
As a moisture mask
Multi Purpose Soothing Gel
950.00 ৳ 950.00 ৳ 950.0 BDT
💠Bring you hydrated, luminous and radiant skin.
💠Diminishes dullness and rehydrates the skin.
💠Fast-absorbing and non-greasy body lotion.